Terms of Services, Privacy Policy

This document governs the terms of the use services provided by Nr1.Host. The terms can be altered. The amendments enter into force upon its publication on Nr1.Host website.

Nr1.Host services enable client to design, publish and display website, to store information in a data base, to send and receive e-mails, to send and receive information.

Nr1.Host is not monitoring the information displayed or received by client. However, Nr1.Host will react if the terms are violated. Nr1.Host expects its clients to be responsible and to use the Internet according to the law and to the net ethics.

Nr1.Host client accepts the following rules:

Client agrees:

Not to use Nr1.Host services for the design of downloading and/or distribution of software. This rule applies to the sites that traffic consists of at least 50% of downloaded programs or binary data.

Not to design and/or support sites that generate system errors or reduce server performance or cause server functioning interruption.

Not to exceed the disk space quota by storing the excessive data volumes that do not correspond to the clients financial plan.

To use services offered by Nr1.Host corresponding to all applicable international laws and regulations.

To provide authentic and complete information.

Not to feign to be other person or organization or to mislead in any other way.

Not to use non-existing e-mail addresses and/or do not falsify any other information.

Not to download, distribute, hand out, store or give links to any information that:

  • Is forbidden for distribution by law of agreements.
  • Aids intrusion, unauthorized access, illegal use of data, servers or nets, including attempts to check, scan or test security or authentication system.
  • Falsifies information source by spoofing TCP/IP headers, e-mail headers or any parts of mail headers, allows unauthorized access to data or traffic.
  • Enables intrusion to other users sessions, systems or networks with the help of flooding techniques; system or network overload; accidentally or deliberately to perform attacks or other actions that cause servers malfunction.
  • Breaks or facilitates the infringement of intellectual property protected by copyright, trademark, patents, trade secrets, restricted technologies of third party.
  • Is not requested advertising or spam.
  • Contains viruses, harmful programs or any other program code aimed to damage informational systems.
  • Contains nudity of pornographic contents forbidden by the law.
  • Advertises, promotes or endorses illegal activity, that includes instructions, goods, services, schemes, subscriptions offers related to illegal activity.

Nr1.Host agrees:

To protect user's information privacy, as well as private e-mail content, excluding the cases defined in the existing international laws.

Nr1.Host has a right to:

Delete any information that violates user's agreement or the existing laws.

If Nr1.Host detects terms violation, client account can be deleted without prior notice. The remaining amount is non-refundable.

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